How do I clean my mat?

Vacuuming is the most effective way to clean the mat on a daily basis. Small mats can be shaken outside to remove any sand and grit trapped in the pile.


After a while, the textile surface may require more thorough cleaning, and it doesn’t hurt to clean the rubber now and then. The mat can be washed in a washing machine at 60oC and dried in a tumble dryer. If your washing machine has limited capacity, you can send the mat to a professional laundry.

Heymat+ is most easily cleaned by shaking or vacuuming. In addition, the mat can be rinsed if needed.

Can I use the mat if I have under-floor heating?

The mats can withstand under-floot heating. However, different floors can be sensitive to coverage, and since a Heymat has a dense rubber backing, it may be advantageous to check the floor periodically for the first time.

Why is my mat shedding?

The surface and backing of your mat are vulcanised at high temperatures. If your mat is shedding, it could be an indication of a production defect. Please contact us. If your mat is defective, we will replace it.

Orders and payments



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Lead time variates from country to country.
Approximate lead-time 4-14 workdays.

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Outside Europe:

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In addition there will be a shipping fee of 30 euros.

Approximate lead-time 2-4 working days.

How to order?

Our website also works as our online store, and you can order products and get them shipped to your home. When you are on the main page, scroll down to find the products. If you have found something you like and want to order this, choose the desired size first and then click “Buy”. The shopping cart is displayed and once you have placed all the products you want to purchase, proceed to payment by touching “Checkout”

Payment options

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When the order is registered in the online store, you will receive an order confirmation at your specified email address. If you have placed an order and do not receive a confirmation of order, please send us an e-mail to info@heymat.no.

Payment Reminder

If you have chosen invoice from Klarna and do not pay the amount within the deadline, payment reminder and further follow-up will be carried out by Klarna.

Sold out items

If a product is out of stock, we will let you know and inform you of the expected date of delivery.

Product information


The thickness of the mat is about 7-11 mm.


Heymat has a surface made of recycled plastic bottles. The pile consists entirely or partially of recycled material and is thus very environmentally friendly. The thickness of the pile, and the way it is woven, provides a very durable surface that can withstand active use.

The colors of the mat will stay well over time, both through daily use and through sunlight exposure.


The backing is made from rubber. The rubber is resistant to all kinds of dirt and is extremely flexible. The rubberized backing enables the mat to lie solid and flat on the floor.

Individual variation

The production process behind a Heymat involves numerous manual operations. The mats therefore have fewer variations in size, colour and appearance.

Flame resistant

Heymat satisfies EN ISO 9239-1 or DOC-FF-A-70 depending on which of our two qualities you acquire


After a while, the mats textile surface and the rubber backing will need a more thorough cleaning. This can be done by washing it on 60 degrees celcius in a washer. Use a tumble dryer or let it hang somewhere it can breathe before putting it back.

Heymat+ is most easily cleaned by shaking or vacuuming. In addition, the mat can be rinsed if needed.

Returns and refunds

Return policy

If you are not satisfied with the product, please return it within 30 days. The mat must be unused and undamaged.

Other questions? Send us an email. info@heymat.no