In collaboration with designer Kristine Five Melvær, this autumn we are launching Foliage in two new colors – and now with 100% recycled plastic (PET) textile. This launch is part of a continuous process to make our production as environmentally friendly as possible.


Kristine is a great believer in bringing a touch of nature into our modern homes, and this provides the basis for the design of Foliage. Foliage has been inspired by mother earth, a personification that compares nature’s ability and the ability of women to provide life and sustenance.

“It was only natural for us to collaborate with Kristine for this launch of Heymat using 100% recycled plastic. Like us, she has a strong desire to create products that will stand the test of time – both visually and in terms of quality. Inspiration from nature is a good fit with our decision to use recycled materials. We are doing this to look after mother earth.” CEO, Sonja Djønne

The Foliage collection, which previously comprised Foliage Blue Dusk, now also includes Foliage Green Dawn and Foliage Silver Night

Foliage Green Dawn

Foliage Silver Night

Foliage Blue Dusk

New textile –
the same top quality

Ever since launching Heymat in 2015 we have focused on reducing our environmental footprint. In 2017 we switched to PET textile consisting of 50% recycled plastic bottles. We are therefore now proud to be able to introduce a textile consisting of 100% recycled PET – not just for our new product Foliage, but for all our mats. Reusing plastic is a good sustainable solution, as it reduces the use of non-renewable raw materials. One Heymat reuses 33-82 plastic bottles (0.5 litre) depending on size.

PET is also ideally suited for use in a doormat, as it has excellent absorption properties, dries quickly and is an extremely hard-wearing material.

  • All our mats will be produced using 100% recycled plastic

About Kristine Five Melvær

Kristine Five Melvær designed Heymat’s first collection, launched in January 2016. She immediately liked the idea of offering regular customers a product with the same high quality as industrial mats, and she has designed several collections for Heymat over the years. Kristine is concerned with finding themes and patterns that are pleasant to come home to.

Kristine holds a master’s degree in Industrial Design from The Oslo School of Architecture and Design, and a master’s degree in Visual Communication from The Oslo National Academy of the Arts. She combines both disciplines in her works – spanning from furniture design to textiles and graphics – and she has won several awards within both her fields of expertise.

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