Heymat launches new collection Løype

We treads new ground with Løype, our first collaboration with the award-winning design studio Vera & Kyte.

In their very first collaboration with Heymat, designers Vera & Kyte have been inspired by an activity that many Norwegians hold dear. Løype, Norwegian for “trail”, is decorated with a simple pattern resembling the fresh trails of cross-country skiing – not that this limits the mats to one season, Løype suits any interior all year round.

The pattern is a subtle play with stripes, and the result is both classic and modern at the same time. Every format has its own unique motif, each representing a graphic play between light and shadow– Vera Kleppe og Åshild Kyte, founders of Vera & Kyte

Decorative and durable

The Løype mats are available in dark blue, light blue, yellow and greige. The versatile and timeless colours ensure longevity yet blend nicely with the trend palettes of today’s interiors. The melange nuances efficiently hide dirt and grime, while the mats’ anti-slip backing in nitril rubber ensures stability.

– We have gained valuable insight and great respect for Heymat’s environmental concerns through this project. We also believe that good collaborations, good communication and a strong product ensure longevity.

The Løype collection comes in three rectangular sizes and two circular versions – the latter to satisfy customers’ requests for round mats.

Løype is available from 01.09.2019.

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