Blåne – Four seasons


From snowy winters to warm and bright summer nights – the Norwegian seasons have a lot to offer.

In Norwegian, Blåne is an old expression that means “over or behind seven mountain ranges”. The design brings inspiration from just this, and gives an illusion of forests and mountains seen from a distance. The mountains feature snow, stone and vegetation, and represent different seasons: the autumn’s orange tones, the snowy winter mountain, a flowering spring, and a lush summer.

The shapes are simplistic triangles that imagines rock formations and scattered vegetation with moss and small trees.


Blåne Fall’s color palette is inspired by mountains in the autumn sun. Low autumn sun enhances these colors and the contrast between them, and the scent of nature is extra strong this time of year.


Blåne Winter gets its color palette from a cold and snowy Norwegian winter. With variations of blue, it can remind you of a cold winter day where mountaintops are dressed in snow that luster in glorious sunshine.


Blåne Spring retrieves its color palette from a thriving spring. When the first buds spring out, the trees bloom and the hot summer wind flows through your hair, that’s when we know spring is finally here.


Blåne Summer’s color palette is inspired by a summer-clad mountain with small mountain spruces, stretching all the way to the mountain tree line. Occasionally you can also find small boulders of heather and moss that invites to a well-deserved rest on the way to the top of the mountain.

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