Dis from Heymat

Dis from Heymat and Vera & Kyte cater for the longing for colours in the home and consideration for the environment.

Established studio Vera & Kyte from Bergen and innovative company Heymat can already boast a successful collaboration, with the Løype collection that was launched in the autumn. They have collectively succeeded in striking a chord with the market with collections inspired by Norwegian nature, modern design and consideration for the environment. The Dis collection complements and expands Heymat’s range, and features Heymat’s characteristic qualities: Environmentally friendly, functional and refined design.

“The collection is perfect for those who want to bring more colour to the interior of their home. While Dis features strong colours, with a colour palette ranging from rich, deep shades to light pastels, the look is tranquil. More and more people are demanding products that show consideration for the environment, and we are pleased that Dis so elegantly combines design and sustainability,” says Sonja Djønne, CEO of Heymat.

Soft colors, simpler everyday living
The Dis collection has been inspired by the soft colours of the landscape in the morning haze (‘dis’ in Norwegian). In reflecting the natural hues of the landscape, Dis showcases a rich colour palette at your feet, fading to lighter shades in the distance.

“The colours are continually changing in a broad scale that improves the mat’s natural ability to get rid of grit and dirt. The mat quite simply makes everyday life easier,” say Vera Kleppe and Åshild Kyte, founders of Vera & Kyte.

All Heymat’s designs are made from hard-wearing industrial-quality materials with exceptional absorption capacity. The pile is made from 50% recycled material, while the rubber is 30% recycled.

“The long life of Heymat products is also valuable from an environmental perspective. In other words, Dis is an environmental creation in all respects,” says Sonja.

Heymat has received several awards for its products, including wins in the Bo Bedre Design Awards, the Archiproduct Design Awards and the German Design Awards.

Dis is being launched in three sizes in each colour palette, each with its own unique motif:
Dis Moss takes its colours from the stillness of a sun-kissed forest floor, with deep green hues that fade through tones of gold to a pale yellow.

Dis Ocean reflects the hues of the North Sea, from dark blue through emerald to the pale shades of foaming waves.

Dis Rust is inspired by the warm shades found in sand, mineral and rock formations, from deep red to pale orange tones.

Dis will be launched at Stockholm Furniture Fair and will be available to buy from mid February 2020.

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