Fairytales and naptime


The child’s room should be a creative space filled with fairytales and adventures, and the most important work starts even before the child has moved in.

We spend a lot of time and thought into a room that will cover so many needs – everything from fun and games to a calm and safe place to sleep. This is reflected in the interior we choose. With Heymat KIDS you can be sure to get a mat that covers all these needs.


Mikkel the Fox, as we remember from the fairytales (or the song), is a real sly follow. He invites to hours of fun and games. The distinct colors and fur of the Red Fox is iconic, and Mikkel the Fox is always up for new adventures. He will light up the room and be a delight to all children and their great imagination.



With its fury paws and warm snout, Ida the Polar Bear takes you on a journey far north, filled with wonder and curiosity. The polar bears is one of the most unique in the Norwegian fauna, and has a lot in common with the traditional brown teddy bear we are all so fond of.

Heymat KIDS fits children of all ages and is a perfect gift.

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