Finding the right Heymat has never been easier

Difficult to know which Heymat matches the color in the hallway, or which one looks best on your flooring? Download our new app, Heymat AR, to experience and explore how our mats will fit in your home.

The app contains all of our collections and designs in realistic 3D, to give the right impression of both sizes and colors. Play around with different collections and color variations and find a Heymat that suits you and your home. You can easily capture the results of the app and share pictures with your friends.

How to use Heymat AR

  • Open the app and select the desired product
  • Click “View in AR” and scan the floor until the product appears
  • Move, rotate or change color
  • You can duplicate or add more products
  • Save your favorites

Through the app you can easily go to our online store to order your new Heymat favorite.  You can pay easily with Klarna.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us at

Download Heymat AR here:

The production of Heymat involves several manual operations. Therefore, the mats may have small variations in size, color and appearance. Keep in mind that images may be slightly different from actual color conditions due to light during imaging or the screen on your phone.
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