In a league of its own

Heymat+ is more than just a pretty sight. Made in sustainable materials, the mat is sure to please both the end user and the environment. 

Heymat+ is a collection that does the job, and more. The mats are of industrial quality with particularly high absorption capacity, with a coarser surface than Heymat’s standard collections. This makes Heymat+ well suited outdoors, as well as indoors.

“We have done our utmost to create a mat that delivers on quality, design and sustainability, and we are proud to say that we have succeeded in our task. Heymat+ is a tad more expensive than our other models, but you are sure to get your money’s worth,” says Sonja Djønne, CEO of Heymat.

Kristine Five Melvær is the designer behind Heymat+. The collection consists of three different models named Sand, Sjø, Stein and Strå – in English, Sand, Sea, Stone and Straw. As the titles indicate, the mats are inspired by nature, which comes across in the organic and meditative patterns.

Although the design adds a decorative quality to the mats, it is also an important part of their functionality. 3D patterns give Heymat+ a scratch effect, which efficiently deals with dirt and grime. The different levels also mean that water will gather in the furrows, leaving the mat feeling dry even when it’s moist. The mat is without edges, and excess water will easily drain if the mat becomes too wet. And when the mat gets wet, it dries quickly.

“A lot of people have also probably experienced that the corners of doormats often curl upwards and become trip hazards. This will not happen with Heymat+. The mat has a nice, heavy weight and will stay in one place when you cross it. Also, the anti-slip backing is in SBR rubber, not PVC, and doesn’t turn hard and slippery in the cold,” says Sonja Djønne.

Heymat+ is easily cleaned by shaking and rinsing. The mat is approximately 10 mm high, and will seamlessly slide under most doors. The thickness of the pile, together with the weave, leaves a strong, durable surface that deals well with heavy traffic. The colours will stay through cleaning, daily usage and exposure to sunlight.

With pile made in 100% recycled plastic, the mat is also environmentally friendly.

“Design could, and should, be sustainable. A unique blend of quality and design enables you to enjoy Heymat+ for many years ahead – and with a good conscience,” concludes Sonja Djønne.

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