The pursuit of the perfect doormat


Interior lover Trude Fjellstad is behind the instagram account @FruFjellstad, where she shares pictures from her newly built home in Skålvik in Hordaland. We asked her a little about her Heymat and how it ended up in her home.

When we built our house in 2014, an old rug followed. To be honest I don’t really remember this doormat, except the fact that it was neither nice to look nor did it do a good job of keeping the hallway clean.– Trude Fjellstad

For someone who puts so much love and thought into design and interior, there was no doubt; the old rug had to go. We were really happy with the entrance of the house, where everything from tiles to interior was carefully thought out. However, one thing we hadn’t thought of was how light tiles does such a bad job at hiding sand and dirt. Thus, the pursuit of the perfect doormat started.

We knew what we wanted: our new doormat had to be stylish, big, and do a good job of stopping dirt and water at the door. That last one was crucial in a house where our children and their friends run in and out several times a day. Finding the perfect doormat was not an easy task.

While building our new house here in Skålvik, I started my own interior account on Instagram. Both to share the process, but also to find inspiration. That was also where I discovered Heymat. And there was no doubt – I had found our new doormat.

The choice fell on Lyn Grey, a perfect match both when it comes to color and design. We ended up with a large Heymat (85 × 150 cm), which gives us the opportunity to take off our shoes in the hallway without getting sand and water on the floor. Another big plus is that the mat can be washed in the washing machine. However, so far it has not been necessary as it’s very easy to keep clean just by vacuuming.

– Trude Fjellstad, interior blogger.

If you haven’t checked out @Frufjellstad on Instagram already, we recommend you take a look. Trude shares daily tips and inspiration with over 100,000 followers. You can spend hours daydreaming looking through this Instagram account.

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