We strive for environmental efforts with Heymat +

In the fall of 2018, we launched a new doormat with a surface made from 100% recycled plastic.

“Design can and should be sustainable,” says Sonja Djønne, CEO.

Plastic waste is an increasing environmental problem. According to a survey conducted by Norstat on behalf of Norad, 68 percent of the population considers plastic waste in the ocean as our biggest environmental threat today. A sustainable solution is to reuse, and this fall we launched Heymat + with 100% recycled plastic.

Our vision is to create mats that are both functional, environmentally friendly, and nice to look at. With its long lasting quality and durable materials, we have always had a strong environmental profile. – CEO, Sonja Djønne

Sustainable design

Heymat + is designed by Kristine Five Melvær. The collection consists of three different three-dimensional motifs that inspire to a calm and peaceful presence as you pass the doorstep. The motifs are inspired by soothing, sensual expressions that are linked to sand, water and vegetation.

“The mat is not only environmentally friendly because of its recycled material, but also because of the good and long lasting quality. It became my challenge to create a design that gives the user the desire to use it for a long time, says Five Melvær.

Five Melvær designed Heymat’s first collection in 2016, and is one of several talented designers that has helped the manufacturer to become a well-known brand among Norwegian consumers in a short period of time. In addition to Heymat +, our new launches in the fall of 2018 are Hand, also designed by Five Melvær, and the designs Å, Nord and Føn designed by Magnus Voll Mathiassen.

Environment and quality

Our products have since day one received a lot of attention for their unique combination of stylish design and absorption capacity, similar to an industrial mat.

The launch of Heymat + is part of a continuous process of making production as environmentally friendly as possible. In 2017 we replaced the nylon surface with PET, a material consisting of 50% recycled plastic. The good quality reduces environmental impact while ensuring the product will last a lifetime.

– We made sure the mats could be washed in a regular washing machine, keeping them durable for years to come. PET also has a slightly better absorption capacity than nylon, which means the mats are becoming even more efficient “said Sonja.

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