How do I clean my Heymat?

Get our best advice on how to clean your mat.

Many people know the feeling of “giving up” keeping the hallway clean parts of the year. Heymat is the door mat that makes everyday life a little easier. The soft surface collects large amounts of sand and water. And when it’s time for a wash, the solution is simple.

Daily cleaning of the mat is done most effectively with a vacuum cleaner. A smaller mat can also be shaken to get out the sand and dirt that have fallen into the mat.

If necessary, wash the mat in the washing machine at 60 degrees. Use a detergent without bleach and vacuum the mats before washing.
Door mats up to size L (85 × 150) can be washed in a regular household machine. Size L is about 3.2 kg and a regular washing machine takes 7-8 kg. Check how many kilos your machine can handle before you start.

Hang it to dry. The lifespan of the mat is prolonged with a regular basis machine wash and recommended 2-4 times per year.

Heymat+ is most easily cleaned by shaking or vacuuming. In addition, the mat can be rinsed if needed.

If your Heymat is larger than size L (85 × 150), the mat can be delivered to a laundry for a wash.

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