Heymat+ har vunnet German Design Award 2020

Heymat+ kolleksjonen bestående av Sand, Sjø, Strå og Stein har vunnet German Design Award 2020 i kategorien Excellent Product Design – Home Textiles and Home Accessories. Les juryens begrunnelse her: 


The Heymat+ collection of doormats consists of three-dimensional designs inspired by nature. Through the combination of industrial quality, sustainability and modern design, Heymat+ represents an innovation in the category. Special features: Geometric patterns inspired by sand, water and vegetation. Colours and motifs are linked together, to strengthen the mats’ identity. The rough surface increases absorption capacity and keeps the surface dry. Surface made from recycled plastic bottles.


The design of the doormat stands out with a distinctive geometric pattern that gives it an interesting look and fits harmoniously into modern surroundings. The surface, which is made from recycled PET bottles, not only meets the requirement of sustainability, it is also particularly rough, making it ideal for rubbing dirt off of shoes.

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