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By combining innovative Scandinavian design with exceptional high-quality materials, Heymat products take daily life in their stride. Built on years of personal experience as well as industry expertise our family-owned company based in Northern Norway has authenticity and responsibility at its heart. Collaborating with leading contemporary designers, we make sure our growing collection of functional indoor and outdoor mats not only look good, but do good too. Sustainably made and shipped throughout the world, Heymat makes every day easier.

Good design is at the basis of everything we do at Heymat. No choice is random. Every detail is carefully planned and perfected – ensuring that you get the best possible product. A product that not only solves a problem but is also beautiful to the eye. We work closely with selected designers. Designers who are leaders in their field, and who share our values

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With so many different types of mats available, ranging greatly in functionality, durability, and quality we’re here to help you choose the right one.

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Is there any difference between the materials in the various mats?
We have mats with different qualities and uses. Common for all is that they have a high quality and great functionality. You can find more detailed information under each product.

Can I have a Heymat outside?
We have mats that are especially suitable for outdoor use. The surface of these mats is coarser, making them perfect for scraping dirty shoes. The different levels in the pattern will drain any excess water out of the mat. Find them here and here

Where are your products produced?
Our products are manufactured in Europe and the USA. We use factories that specializes on mats with high quality and optimal function.

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