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The Wildlife collection is designed to spark curiosity and the kids sense of wonder. Inspired by Norwegian Fauna it portrays the shy lynx the small blue tit and the humble frog in their natural habitats.

Heymat came from the idea of combining high quality requirements with smart, Scandinavian design

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Good design is at the basis of everything we do at Heymat. No choice is random. Every detail is carefully planned and perfected – ensuring that you get the best possible product. A product that not only solves a problem but is also beautiful to the eye

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It’s important for us to create sustainable products. That goes without saying. Which is why we use recycled materials in our products. And it’s why we develop designs that stand the test of time. It’s also why we don’t compromise on quality. We want your Heymat to do its job properly for many years

Our story starts in the exposed and beautiful Northern Norway, surrounded by fjords and mountains… and lots of wet and windy weather. Here, husband and wife team Sonja Djønne and Thoralf Lian ran a family business specialising in cleaning and hiring out industrial mats

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