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Heymat’s latest collaboration, with online magazine Sight Unseen, is a collection paying homage to the legacy of iconic female furniture designers: “The Iconic Women Collection.” Each design draws inspiration from famous furniture pieces from the past that are beloved by Sight Unseen’s founders, Jill Singer and Monica Khemsurov.

Renowned for their dedication to showcasing the latest trends in design and the visual arts, Sight Unseen also champions uniqueness and encourages individuals to infuse their spaces with their own distinctive style. We had a chat with Jill and Monica about their thoughts on the design process and how you can create a thoughtful entrance area that seamlessly connects to the rest of the interior.

Why did you want to celebrate women in this collaboration, and what significance does it hold for you?

Design has traditionally been a male-dominated field. It’s something we’ve seen throughout history — Charles Eames was consistently credited more than his wife and collaborator, Ray, for example; same with Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown, Le Corbusier and Eileen Gray, etc — and frankly, it’s something we still see with maddening frequency today. As a women-owned business — and as a design platform dedicated to raising the voices of independent designers who don’t always look like the traditionally vaunted designers of the past — we are particularly sensitive to this kind of neglect. We explored a few other more form-based tropes with this collection, but ultimately decided that honoring some of our favorite female designers from history was the direction we wanted to pursue. 

What was it like to design a doormat collection, and how did you approach the process differently compared to other design projects?

A doormat has so many considerations we’ve never thought of before. Because we were working with large planes of color, we had to be cognizant of which colors might show dirt, and we had to be particularly sensitive as to which color combinations would feel at home in an entryway, where they might be competing with all of the other furniture in a room. The designs we created have character, but don’t overpower the rest of the interior.

“Your home interior isn’t just about a flat notion of “decor” but about how you feel and what you think about when you’re around your objects”

Sight Unseen

The collection aims to complement a thoughtful interior. What advice would you offer to homeowners looking to incorporate these doormats into their existing decor?

We advocate for thinking of each item in your home as something special and worthy of attention and consideration — even your doormat! This is because when you take special care to choose items in your home that you love, even utilitarian ones, it creates an extra moment of happiness for you in your space, and it means that the things you do live with are things you’ll ultimately keep longer and appreciate more.

Sight Unseen’s 5 Tips for Creating an Inviting Entrance

1. Every item matters
Treat each item in your home as special and worthy of attention, even your doormat! Choosing items you love adds extra happiness to your space and ensures you appreciate them more.

2. Set the tone
Your entryway sets the tone for your space and serves as the first impression for guests—and often the only thing neighbors see. Don’t overlook it; treat it as a canvas for styling to make a lasting impression.

3. Think 360 degrees
Consider the entire space—high, medium, and low points. Whether it’s a styled console, a statement painting, or an entryway organizer with a clothes rack or shoe shelf, ensure every aspect contributes to the overall vibe.

4. Make it personal
Your entryway doesn’t have to be neutral. Let it reflect your personality and style, whether through bold colors, unique decor pieces, or personalized touches.

5. Coordinate with care
When choosing a doormat, ensure it complements the overall aesthetic of your space. Consider the colors, patterns, and style to create a cohesive look that welcomes guests and sets the tone for your home.

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