Functionality, style, and personal touch in Oslo

Discover the secret to a great home with functionality and style from Guro and Marius, the duo behind the Instagram account ‘Løkkaleilighet’. They share their tips for creating tailored rooms with custom-built furniture, incorporating natural materials, and vibrant colors.

What does a good home mean to you?

A good home for us is one that has functional solutions tailored to our needs. We don’t need a lot of space if the space we have is utilized effectively. In this apartment, we’ve solved most of our needs with custom-built furniture that serves multiple functions.

How would you describe your interior style?

We appreciate natural materials and surfaces, often with clean lines accentuated by lively and colorful details. We enjoy the contrast between the classic and the modern.

What makes Grid a perfect fit for your home?

Grid is a classic Scandinavian design with a modern expression that seamlessly blends into our home with its vibrant colors, clean lines, and functional qualities.

What is your favorite spot in your home?

Our favorite spot in our home is the kitchen. It’s a natural gathering place! The large dining table in the middle of the room creates a lively atmosphere while allowing the cook to participate in the conversation. Here, you don’t have to prepare meals for guests alone.

Can you give us your best interior design tips?

Stay true to your choices. A good tip is to have a common denominator or a ‘red thread.’ This could be an element like a consistent color or material. In our apartment, we’ve chosen to highlight the new with natural materials that contrast with the white, classic background.

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