Grain BY Stine Aas

With its unique organic design, Grain adds texture and colour to the room, while also effectively camouflaging dirt and dust. 

Grain is Heymat’s first collaboration with Stine Aas, whose designs combine a strong character with natural simplicity.

With Grain, Stine has created a unique pattern inspired by stone and architectural use of natural materials.

The tactile surface of the material shows an organic pattern with a combination of abstract shapes. At first glance, the design may seem simple, but a closer inspection reveals the complexity of the pattern, where no two shapes are alike.

”I wanted to work with patterns and structures rather than a classic motif, and I found inspiration in an exposed aggregate finish consisting of small, uniquely shaped pebbles ”

Grain is available in the three colour combinations Sandstone, Amethyst and Granite; all in a clear, natural tone. The goal of the colour choices was to create subtle contrasts that gave the pattern a sense of tranquillity, while at the same time communicating the tactile surface from which Stine Aas drew inspiration.

Grain Sandstone
Grain Amethyst
Grain Granite

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