Hex by lars Tornøe

With inspiration from architecture and industry, Lars Tornøe has designed our latest collection Hex. Hex comes in two new sizes especially intended for smaller entrance areas

Hex is particularly suitable for smaller entrances and the vision for the mat is about thinking of smart solutions for small rooms and choosing quality over quantity. 

My husband and I recently changed residences from a house with a large garden to an apartment with only a terrace. The transition is substantial and with less space, there has certainly been a lot of change. It is therefore convenient that we launch the Hex collection this fall considering my new, compact living situation. I love how Lars Tornøe combines the dominant expression in a hexagon’s 6-sided shape with the soft expression of the circle and cannot wait to place it outside my new front door entrance.
Sonja Djønne, CEO Heymat

Hex hints at a larger pattern structured by the hexagon and circle – two shapes strongly connected within the geometry. This combination of repetition and order bring calming expression evoking associations with architecture and inspiration from industrial environments. The collection includes two rectangular sizes and two color options – Hex Desert and Hex Soil.

Hex Soil

45X75 cm | 55X90 cm

Hex Desert

45X75 cm | 55X90 cm

Lars Tornøe

Lars Tornøe is a Norwegian designer dedicated to furniture design and related fields within product design. He works with various customers from Scandinavia and the USA. His work has been shown at exhibitions around the world. His Dots for Muuto is part of the permanent collection at the Danish Design Center. Today, Tornøe runs his own studio and designs furniture, fixtures, and interior products for various Scandinavian brands. Tornøe’s work has received several awards such as the DOGA award and Red Dot Award.

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