Make the most of your entrance space with Hex

With more and more of us are now living in smaller homes, size shouldn’t stop you from creating a characterful and curated entrance space that truly reflects your own sense of style.

Whether you’re wanting to transform your existing hallway, or simply provide your visitors with a warm welcome when they arrive; our Hex door mat will take you from cramped and cluttered to cosy and calming in an instant.

Get in the zone

Bring focus to a hallway or entrance space by clearly defining its purpose and use. Creating a dedicated arrival zone with the help of our distinctive Hex mat by the award-winning designer Lars Tornøe, will not only make a compact living area work more efficiently, but also inject some personality into the space too.

Plan for practicality

It is the first metre of a hallway or entrance space that collects almost 90% of the dirt, so think practically. Like all Heymat products, Hex is made from durable industrial quality materials making it perfect for high traffic living areas. It’s also super absorbent and has a non-slip rubber backing providing an easy transition from indoors to out.

Make an impression

Even if your hallway or entrance space is small it doesn’t mean you can’t make a big first impression. Available in two rectangular sizes, and with an eye-catching geometric pattern that evokes its architectural inspiration, Hex will frame your doorway, draw attention on arrival, and create a lasting talking point.

Be clever with colour

Neutral colours tend to work better in compact living spaces, especially in hallways and entrances with minimal natural light. By keeping your colour choices calm and cohesive, the beige tones of the Hex ‘Desert’ or the earthy hues of the Hex ‘Soil’, will give your overall scheme a happy and harmonious feeling.

Designed for your doorstep

Thanks to its repeated geometric pattern Hex not only looks goods but is highly functional too. With its raised hexagons and tactile circles, the pile on this practical doormat has been cleverly designed to give it both a good scratch effect on everyday footwear while effortlessly catching dirt and dust found on your doorstep.

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