With inspiration from geometry, Lars Tornøe has designed our latest collection Hex. We had a chat with Lars to learn more about the design process around Hex.

Can you start by telling us what a typical day in your design studio is like?

As a rule, the workday consists of 2-3 concentrated blocks dedicated to various projects or tasks. It can be sketches, CAD construction, models/mockups, or communication with customers. 

How has the design process for Hex been? 

It was both unusual and fun to do a project with such defined frameworks. Material, production technique, and approximate size were given from the begging. At the sketch stage, I work almost exclusively with graphic ideas in black and white. The development of Hex continued with the use of laser cutters to physically test the ideas. 

How do you feel Hex fits into your existing work as a designer? 

Hex must be a quality product, in terms of both durability and design that lasts over time. It is something I am for in mostly all my projects.

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Hex Soil

Hex Desert

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