Awards and nominations

Heymat Entrance system
Red Dot Award

Every year, the Red Dot Award: Product Design sets out to find the year’s best products. The products selected by the Red Dot Jury to win an award may be aesthetically appealing, functional, smart or innovative, but what they all have in common is their outstanding design.

Heymat +
Excellent Product Design

“The design of the doormat stands out with a distinctive geometric pattern that gives it an interesting look and fits harmoniously into modern surroundings. The surface, which is made from recycled PET bottles, not only meets the requirement of sustainability, it is also particularly rough, making it ideal for rubbing dirt off of shoes”

Heymat OriginalDOGA – Innovasjonsprisen for inkluderende design (Honorable mention)2024
Heymat EntrancesystemRed Dot Award (Product Design)2023
Mix TeklanNYCxDesign Award (Winner Residential Flooring)2021
LøypeGerman Design Award (Excellent Product Design – Special mention)2021
DisNYCxDesign Award (Honoree Residential Flooring)2020
Heymat+Bo Bedre designpris (Reader’s Choice Award)2020
Heymat+DOGA-merket for design og arkitektur (Furniture Design)2020
Heymat+German Design Award (Excellent Product Design Home Textiles)2020
SandArchitectual Masterprize (Winner in Sustainable Products)2020
Heymat+NYCxDesign Award (Honoree Residential Flooring)2019
SandBonytt (Product of the Year)2019
Heymat+Bo Bedre designpris (Accessory of the Year)2019
SandArchiproducts Design Award (Decor)2019
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