Explore the home of Caroline
and Anders

Get inspired by Caroline and Anders from the Instagram account “Oss i andre,” as they share how they create a personal and functional home. From the well-organized entryway to their blend of thrifted finds, custom solutions, and design elements, they have found the perfect balance for their home.

What does a good home mean to you?

A good home for us is one that can be enjoyed by both adults and children. It should be filled with vibrant colors, plants, and meaningful interior elements. We have made an effort to furnish our home primarily with thrifted treasures, creating that extra touch with unique combinations.

How would you describe your interior style?

We would say it’s a personal style with a mix of thrifty finds, customized solutions, and design pieces, all complemented by a generous dose of colors.

What makes Grid a perfect fit for your home?

Grid fits perfectly with us because it demonstrates how design and functionality coexist harmoniously, which is reflected throughout the rest of our home’s interior.

Do you prioritize functionality in your interior design?

Absolutely, with a capital “YES.” With two small children, functionality takes precedence, but that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice the things we love to surround ourselves with. Many beautiful furniture and interior pieces are practical and aesthetically pleasing – just like the doormats from Heymat.

What are you most satisfied with in your interior?

We are very pleased with the long, practical bench from Danish Trævarefabrikernes Udsalg in our living room. It provides us with ample storage space and is visually appealing. We have added a custom-made cushion on top so that we adults can enjoy a warm cup of coffee while reading the newspaper or simply savoring the view, while the children empty their Lego drawer or gather their hobby supplies.

Can you share your best interior design tips?

Surround yourself only with things you genuinely love, regardless of trends. And something we have learned recently is that the fewer things you have around you, the less cluttered it becomes, allowing for more peace and tranquility.

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