Tranquility and presence
as you pass the doorstep

Kristine Five Melvær is the designer behind Heymat+. The collection consists of four different mats named Sand, Sjø, Stein and Strå – in English, Sand, Sea, Stone and Straw. As the titles indicate, the mats are inspired by nature, which comes across in the organic and meditative patterns

Aesthetics with 

Although the design adds a decorative quality to the mats, it is also an important part of their functionality. The 3D patterns give Heymat+ a scratch effect, which efficiently deals with dirt and grime. The different levels also mean that water will gather in the furrows, leaving the mat feeling dry even when it’s moist

Heymat is specially designed  
to absorb dirt and moisture
The mats are of durable  
industrial quality
The pile is made from 
100 % recycled plastic


Kristine Five Melvær

Kristine Five Melvær designed Heymat’s first collection, launched in January 2016. She immediately liked the idea of offering regular customers a product with the same high quality as industrial mats, and she has designed several collections for Heymat over the years. Kristine is concerned with finding themes and patterns that are pleasant to come home to.

Kristine holds a master’s degree in Industrial Design from The Oslo School of Architecture and Design, and a master’s degree in Visual Communication from The Oslo National Academy of the Arts. She combines both disciplines in her works – spanning from furniture design to textiles and graphics – and she has won several awards within both her fields of expertise

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