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Løype Breezy Beige

Designer: Vera & Kyte

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Løype Breezy Beige is inspired by the fresh trails of cross-country skiing. A ski track crosses the mat in a simple, graphic pattern, creating a beautiful dialogue between light and shadow. The result is both classic and modern, with melange hues efficiently hiding grit and grime. A solid everyday object!


Løype Breezy Beige is part of the Løype collection, which also consists of Løype Sunny Yellow, Løype Stormy Blue and Løype Cloudy Grey. The mats are designet by Vera & Kyte.

Product info

The pile is made from 50% recycled plastic with an anti-slip backing in nitrile rubber. The quality is equivalent of an industrial mat, with high absorption capacity.

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Vacuum the mat regularly. The mat can be washed at 60°C in a domestic washing machine.