Which Heymat should I choose?

The doormat is often the first thing people see when they visit your home, so the mat you choose needs to not only look good but do a good job too.

With so many different types of mats available, ranging greatly in functionality, durability, and quality we’re here to help you choose the right one.

Whether placed at your front door, back door, in your hallway or out on a terrace; always make an entrance with Heymat.

A mat for outdoors

Outdoor mats must battle the natural elements as well as the dirt and debris we bring inside every day. Our exclusive range of designs by Kristine Five Melvær have been created with weather resistance and resilience in mind. Thanks to a tough, rough texture and three-dimensional surface they effectively scrape your shoes while efficiently stopping any water, snow or ice in its tracks.

A mat for inside and out

The general rule when choosing any doormat is that it should be approximately 80% as wide as your doorway. Thankfully our versatile Hex mats by Lars Tornøe come in two sizes and two colours, ‘Dessert’ and ‘Soil’. Offering a good scratch effect, as well as being super effective at catching dirt, damp and dust, they are perfect for smaller entrances, and can be used both inside and out.

A mat for indoors

It is the first metre of a hallway or entrance space that collects almost 90% of the dirt, so a durable and highly absorbent, rubber backed indoor mat is essential. With several distinctive Heymat designs especially created with fun and functionality in mind, choose your favourite from our Løype, Grain or Mix collections to add protection as well as personality to your home.

A mat for a terrace

As much as 75% of the grime found on our floors is tracked in on the bottom of shoes and paws, but a well-placed mat on your terrace, patio or balcony will protect them from dirt, sand and grass being brought back inside. Specifically sized for wider doorways, our Dis collection from Vera & Kyte, are super soft underfoot and will allow you to make the most of your outside space whatever the weather.

A mat for a hallway

The larger the mat, the more effective the cleaning, that’s why we’ve developed our Zen mat system. Made in collaboration with designer Kristine Five Melvær, these hard-wearing, sustainable tiles are suitable for high traffic areas whatever your room size. They are also easy to install and fit together. They provide a unique scrapping and absorption effect and can reduce airborne noise by up to 10 times more than other floor coverings.

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